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Thread: Pain in the Ass

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    Pain in the Ass

    I have been using 23 g needles injecting 500 mg Enenthate and 400 mg Deca . This is about the 4th cycle ive done and im entering the 3rd week of my cycle. I have done 1 injection per week for 2 weeks now both were in the glutes and both have been causing some serious pain. This is the 4th cycle ive done and ive yet to experience anything quite like this. My ass gets really swollen around the injection site and my ass is sore for around 7 days. Is there anything i can do...right now im afraid to inject somewhere else and i really don't wanna quit my cycle. Is there any way to delute the juice or anything. Thank you

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    Rotate your sites bro. My glutes hurt like a mofo when I shoot them for a day or so but this doesn't happen in any other spot.

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    yepp... rotate your site bro.. try the delts or the legs

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