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    Question Felow Gear Heads

    I am 5'10" 220 and approx 18% BF. I am looking to drop the BF and put on considerable size, strength is not a priority to me. This is my cycle as it stands:

    Week 1-10 40 Mg D-Bol / every day
    Week 1 750 Mg Omnadren
    Week 2-4 500 Mg Omnadren (2 shots every 7 days)
    Week 1-14 400 Mg Eq (2 shots every 7 days)
    Week 1-20 500 Mg Aratest (2 shots every 7 days)

    I will also have, clomid, Nolvadex , cytomel and clenbuterol . When do I start these, and what should my dosages be? Also, should I get HCG for the middle of my cycle or is clomid good enough? Thanks in advance - SnB

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    BRO.....if u r looking to drop bf, why are u running dbol , and omnas? Your bf is gonna go up alot, not to mention the water weight gain. Why dont u run a test prop, fina, combo or something? IMO it makes no sense to run a bulker if u wanna loose bf....unless i read that wrong? For a bulker it looks good, u should see soem serious size with that as long as u eat and train hard. i always reccomend using hcg with a cycle, some people will say u dont need it, but i feel it should be used in every cycle. If u want u can run hcg at 500 iu per week throughout the whole cycle, that way u keep the boys up ok.

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    bro first off bady fat and gear dont relate! Its your diet... Yes some gear will make you hold more water and d bol and amas will alot and not prefable because of the bloat but you can keep that down with liquidex and most water you loose after anyway....

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    You don't need dbol for 10 weeks, 4 weeks is fine.. You don't need to frontload the omadren @ 750mgs the first week.. Run the omadren along side the aratest throughout the cycle, and pick a dose 500mgs (shoot 250mgs every 4 days, not 7).. HCG might be a good idea during cycle, because this is a tad longer cycle then others.. Start PCT 2 weeks after your last injection 300/100/50.. have novaldex on hand or you will be converting to a C cup bra size..

    Did i miss anything?

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    we need stats experience, age, etc

    diet and cardio bro......maybe clen and eca but dont run gear yet....

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