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    i'm ready for my post cycle, i did 10 weeks of (test en) and i notice that my bottle of hcg is only 250IU/cc, instead of 2500IU/cc. so i don't think i would take 10cc of it, thats to many injections?

    Do i start with 2500IU hcg, the last week of the cycle and then every five days for 3 weeks. Then about 2 weeks after my last shot of test i would start my nolvadex for about a month.
    does this sound right?

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    i say forget the hcg and stick to clomid and nolva. no need for it with only 10 weeks enanthate

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    Well, I'm of the opinion, for what it's worth that HCG is a good idea if you've got shrinkage --and some guys nads shrink a lot on test (minedo) while others don't. I've got a Poll up about that here somewhere.

    Could you tell us what kind of HCG you've got? Does it have to be reconstituted?

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    250IU/cc??? Are you sure this thing is legit? In my country we only have acces to 1500IU/cc and 5000IU/cc.

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