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Thread: Pct ?

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    Pct ?

    On another board a doc had a thread that basically said you should use 500 iu's of HCG twice a week throughout cycle and stop a couple of weeks out. And that nolva should be used instead of clomid. Using both to get a synergistic effect was a waste. Any comments?

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    yeah i was just thinking of running nolva alone for PCT, the compounds are very similar and the debate on which is better, clomid vs nolva is still raging. plus the sides from clomid arent the best if you can get away with recovery just as well on nolva alone it might be my choice post cycle.

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    if you only run nolva for post cycle, how long would you run it and at what dosages?? 40mg/ed for about 28 days??

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