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    any need for a cutting cycle???

    hey guys...

    im really starting to love this place a little too much..i find myself ...on here for hours reading, reading..posting a few here and there...oh and did i say reading..?!?...neways..besides all that..

    here's my question for the day....

    im soon about to start my first cycle ever...20 y/o (21 in april) , 190lbs., 14% BF..164lbs diet currently has around 300 protein, 400 carbs, 70-80 fats, and around 3800-4000 kcals..... i plan on upping the kcals to around 4500-5000, the protein to 350 or so...and carbs...450-500....fats im goin to try to keep under 100....while on the cycle..

    my cycle purposed will look as followed:
    1-4 dbol 25 ED
    1-10 test enanthate 250mg E4D
    10mg nolva + .25 armidex(liquidex if found) ED throughout cycle
    PCT (starting 2 weeks after last injection of TEST EN ) ....20mg nolva + 100mg. CLomid ED for 30 days after cycle

    my question you guys think a cutting cycle would be needed after this cycle...i know if i ran a cutting cycle i would need to wait at least 10-12 weeks after my first cycle.....i was thinkin maybe fina, winny ...somewhere along those lines...if a cutting cycle was a must..but to be honest i wanna stear away from it..if i can possibly get it done with out it..
    i would like to drop under 10% i dont care where..jus as long as im in single digits...

    i must add..that i would say that im mildly carb sensitive....

    so c'mon great ones....can u guys give me any info on this one???

    thanx bro' family..haha


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    You will find that some guys lean out while on any cycle while others hold water no matter what they are on. You will learn how your body responds during this first cycle. But if you eat clean and build muscle, it turns your body into a furnace, which inturn burns fat. It is hard to say what you will experience. But yes, you do want to wait a certain length of time before you start your second cycle.

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    On the cycle your going to do.....if your diet is spot on ,I see no need for a cutting cycle.After pct,if you have any bf,you can reduce calories and diet.....did I say cardio??

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