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    Question I need some help here...

    All right, Im new at this I have never juiced before and I don't know how to.
    Here is the deal. I have access to Oxandrolone.
    My problem is that I want it to be as discreet as possible. You see I'm a U.S. NAVY deep sea diver, I'm 31 yrs. 6' 4" and 218 lbs with about 12 % BF. What I want is maybe put about 10 lb of lean mass and get cut.
    Unfortunately I can't get greedy and go for all the marbles, because if all of the sudden I just get huge my ass is grass because there will be a lot of questions and so forth. Also I MUST keep within certain weight standards.
    So with all this in mind I hope somebody can help me. Like I said is nothing fancy, I hope I could go balls to the wall like most of you guys but my job prevent me from doing it.

    Thanks, and good luck to all.

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    Bro...not to many ppl on the board will recomend an oral only cycle....but if you do run it,make sure you get clomid for pct.....good luck.

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    I'm not sure that var would give you much size . . .

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    For your goals you don't need steroids . With the stats you listed above you can gain 10 pounds of muscle and get cut in no time with hard work and dedication. Steroids aren't miracle drugs. You still have to bust your ass while on them to see results. They could help you reach your goals a little faster, but why take the risk when you don't need to.

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