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    This was my cycle:
    weeks 1-2 100mg-prop/EOD test enth 500/wk 400/eq
    weeks 1-10 500mg enth/wk 500eq/wk
    weeks 10-12 just 100mg prop EOD
    I had to wait a week for my clomid after my cycle, i have now been running 25mg/ml of liquid nolva ed and 50mg/ml of liquid clomid ed for 5 weeks now how much longer should i continue this? i still have a lot left.

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    I would continue for a week or 2 longer just to be safe...

    For proper pct, most people take 300mg of clomid 3 days after last test prop shot. then take 100mg for the next 10 days and then 50mg for the last 10 days. Totaling 21 days 1800mg of clomid. Youve been taking 50mg ed for 5 weeks which means you still havent taken the equal amount of mg of clomid. The nolva at 25mg is good, most run it at 20mg for pct.
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    Not everyone runs the clomid cycle..300-100-50........alot run it at 100-50...for 5-6 wks.....anyway,I'd run the clomid 2wks longer to be safe bro.

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