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    Nolvadex and Gyno

    Hey guys,
    I am about to use Nolvadex for the first time after approx 3 years on the juice and was wondering what exactly the deal was. Does it only prevent Gyno from occuring whilst using it? or can it actually reverse pre existing Gyno? I guess what i need to know is do i have to take it throughout the entire cycle or can i just take it towards the end?


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    IF you are gyno prone, then 10mg ED can alleviate your concerns throughout the cycle. If not, then during PCT, you take 20mg ED to help block the estrogen receptors from aromatizing steroids . If you see signs of gyno, itchy nipples, nipple sensitivity and puffiness, then you can up the dose to 40mg or 60 mg depending on severity until symptoms subside.

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    Nolva is an estrogen blocker it will prevent estrogen from binding. It can also be used to reduce signs of pre-existing gyno.
    If you're prone to gyno I'd also run an anti-armotase like l-dex, this would prevent test from converting to estrogen instead of blocking it from binding.

    However l-dex will not reduce signs of pre-existing gyno like nolva will.
    IMO it would be best for you to run both during cycle and PCT.

    Run the nolva like RJM03 suggested above, and the l-dex at .5mg/ed.

    Hope this helps some,


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