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    Kidney Infection and gear

    Hey Everybody!

    I went to the doctor today for sharp lower back pain and urinary problems(imagine tobacco-spit colored urine....pretty nasty ****), and he found that I have a kidney infection. I told him that I am currently running anabolic steroids (deca /test/sust.) and he just seemed to overlook it. I was prescribed the antibiotic cipro @ 1 gram a day....does anyone know if taking this while on cycle would hinder results/be dangerous to any level? I couldnt imagine it would be, but the doc didnt take my steroid concerns very seriously and never really answered my questions concerning them. I only have to run the antibiotic 10 days.

    I know that most of you guys arent doctors but anyone who could offer any advice/experience with prescription medications while on gear would be greatly appreciated!

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    i would assume since the doc didn;t say anything when you told him and still prescribed it it shouldn;t have any adverse effects... if there was a chance i would assume as a responsible doctor he would have said something to you... or told you to discontinue the gear....

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    Bro - I can't think of any contrindications but be careful while lifting on Cipro as it affects sulfur bonds in the muscle have seen a couple of reports to this effect. Predisposes you to muscle tears. Warm up thoroughly. Best of luck Bro. Keep us posted.

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