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Thread: deca-durabolin

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    i have done a cycle with sustanon250. did 250 every 10 days. this was very weak but i got some notiseable gains. wasnt wanting it to show much. so i got what i wanted. my question. my next cycle i want to be very noticable and keep most gains. will deca do this? does anyone know what i need for a good cycle. not looking for connect just answers from someone that knows a hell of alot more than i do. thanks in advance. i will let you know how your recomendations work out. i am 5''10 - 216 big arms and chest but more body fat than i would like.

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    NO dont do deca only! geezz why would you want to do that. Run test enan 400mg every week. Hit the link on my sig.

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    if you want to lose bf% than you dont need AS, get down with diet/cardio and look into an eca and or clen ....when youve lost the desired weight looki into some cycles, but not deca only, test is the base of all some research here and youll see why...

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    deca will make you more hungry and hold a lot of water. You'll look like you're putting on more fat than anything.

    do test alone and you'll put on some good lean muscle and that will help you burn extra fat.

    You should run around 500mg a week though.

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