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    Question mixing and matching

    Male 265lbs 6'2 flabby
    If one were to be on a multi-cycle 1) Deca 2) winstrol 3) GH, would you recommend taking a short boost of clean test? How much? How long? I also would like to know what recreational drugs one can and can’t use.”Vicodin, weed, valiums?

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    First off, GH shouldn't be used by anyone under 30(besides, you probably can't afford the effective amt needed). Second, those 3 things suck as a cycle. Third, I know how hard it is to give to up the drugs, but you have to make a choice. If your able to fulfill your obligations to your body(workout, diet, etc) then by all means there's nothing wrong with celebrating EVERY NOW AND THEN.

    The reason why your chubby is from the drugs. Trust me, I'm just now giving up the drugs and I feel great( get for about 2 weeks and you won't miss them anymore).

    What's your cyce exp., workout history, diet. There are plenty of guys who will gladly help you, you just gotta put up some info. Put up your stats and me or someone else will get you a cycle to start researching.

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    you def need test if you want to do ANY cycle... and they're right about the rec drugs... gotta lay off while on AS... it screws up your training and diet too much, not to mention the possible interactions with the extra hormons you're shooting into yourself...

    if you need painkillers for your back, then by all means indulge, but if its percosets going up your nose, dont partake while on cycle...

    pot and valiums are muscle relaxers, they'll screw up your worout as well... smoking at night to get to sleep and eat a ton is fine though

    im not sure if any of this helps, [please post stats, age, training exp... etc... and we'll be able to hook you up with solid advice.

    the guys here on AR are top notch...

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