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    Thermogenic and Sus 250

    i am taking a thermogenic right now with a strict diet to help cut some extra b.f. before i start a 10wk cycle of sus 250. i am an endo-meso and i'm wondering if i should continue to take the thermogenic (Thermonex from BSN) while on the cycle. i do plan on adding in some Eq from weeks 3-13 and then come off with some clomid at about week 16. my concern is extra bloating with all of the test and my body type. i know that Sus 250 has a low water retention effect, but i don't want to take any chances because i want to gain as much lean muscle as possible. any help would be good, because i'm planning to soon. thanks.

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    In my opinion, if you are going to bulk, taking a thermogenic will be going against what you are trying to do - bulk.. I understand you want to keep lean, and keep water retention down.. I think it would be smarter to run some l-dex, or some armidex, or novaldex to help the water retention, and watch your diet.. You're going to burn alot of calories with the thermogenic, and calories you need to grow.. There are specific drugs to take of the bloat..

    Save the thermogenic for after you're done..

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