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Thread: pin size

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    Question pin size

    i just got my pins in this morning, and was wondering if 5/8in is good for your shoulder/lat? i've got 1 for my quads and 1.5 for glutes, just wondering if 5/8 would be good for my shoulder/lats.
    *how would i know if i'm going deep enough?*

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    man I don't know about lats. go ahead and use 1" for the delts it won't be a problem. 5/8 might be OK, but I would use 1" just to be safe.

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    5/8 will work but 1'' is better

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    All i used was 1 inch for glutes, that's because i dont have a big muscle butt. I used 5/8th for biceps triceps and delts. You have to inject pretty deep into the muscle. but dont put it in all the way incase the needle breaks. From past knowledge i think you have to pull back the plunger to see if you're in a vein or not. Also its' good to warm up da sauce under hotwater, it goes in smoother :}

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    yes, you should push the needle in all the way, if the needle breaks, and there's almost no possible way it will break if you always use fresh pins, you're going to have to go to a doc to pull it out anyway

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