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    regarding fina cycle

    Ok. I am doing 500mg/week sustanon cycle this is my sixth week.i started taking fina 2 days ago with 75mg/EOD. today was my second shot? my question is my left butt cheek always bleeds after i pull out the injection. I always check for air bubbles before i inject the substance. every thing goes smoothly but when i pull out the injection its like thick blood coming out. Its only momentarily .. but it scares the hell out me. for instance If it is vein how would i know and why only left butt cheek bleeds.There is no fina cough yet. If i only eject fina in my glutes do i have a chance avoiding fina cough????.

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    your going to need to switch injections sites. use the quads,glutes,delts, sometimes i even spot inject fina bi's tri's etc..
    The thick blood is normal...happens to me from time to time, but nothign to worry bout, just make sure u aspirate .
    Fina cough...some ppl get it..some don't.

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    if you are doing fina eod, you might as well inject the sust eod also. And 75mg eod? I would bump that up to atleast 100mg EOD

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