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Thread: Accutane

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    Hi, bros! hope everyone is fine,

    Shall we use accutane while we are on a cycle? As far as I know, accutane has negative effect on performance, what do you think mates?

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    accutane is harsh on the liver, so i wouldn't run simultaneous with any 17-aa's.

    as far as negative effects on gains, i don't know of much research that proves this true or false.

    also, i am digging the royal we, heh.

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    Some people do use accutane with a low dosage while on a cycle to help with acne. Although if you are using pills in your cycle I wouldnt advice the use of accutane.


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    I would advise against accutane regardless, its a drug the can cause permanant damage to your body. It is only prescribed for the most severe cases of acne, which you should not get off of a cycle! The side effects from accutane are far worse than the benefits unless you are just covered in the face and back, and by covered i mean your skin is nothing but puffy sebacous glands, i.e. pimples everywhere.

    Look into some Doxycycline or some Retin-A, much less harsh on your body and cheaper.

    If your buying OTC, find products with glycerin to help prevent drying. Items with Benzol Alcohol and Sacylic Acid tend to be the most effective, but can also be irritating to the skin.

    Best bet is to take a couple showers a day and wash your face a few times a day to keep the pores unclogged.

    Please stay away from the accutane, you'll be glad you did.

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    I would say to use low dosage. Do you have acne or just acne prone? If you are trying to get rid of preexisting acne, do that before you cycle. If you are acne prone, try running 10mg a day and see if that is enough to help. For me it keeps me clear. More than that and you are gonna see some serious side effects, which wont mess well with the gear

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