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    how do you feel coming off?

    i am going to do my first cycle of test soon and i was just wanting to know what to expect when coming off. Also any tips would be appreciated

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    Make sure that you keep calories up during PCT. Continue to train hard, and you may want to gradually step the intensity down to what you would when you were natural. Understand that you need to push yourself through this while your body is getting back to normal. Understand that you may lose some gains. Understand that while your off you wont make gains while on. Basically, i feel that many people get almost depressed when coming off, stop eating right, and stop training right. If you push yourself through, you will keep most of your gains and get back to natural again.

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    Physically: Skin might break out with acne as your hormone levels start to change. Immediate water loss - especially in the face.

    Mentally: Emotional swings. Manic/depressive. At some times you can feel really good - others you feel like crap. Don't let the "high" of being on negatively effect you by giving you a "low" about being off.

    Training: You have to keep training hard and not slack off. At the same time, switch to more of a maintenance training cycle for the next 8 weeks or so... fight for those big fast gains you made. Be sure you pay more attention to a good diet and plenty of rest while recovering. Proper rest and nutrition will then be your biggest contributers to a great workout while recovery your endogenous hormone balance.

    Drugs: Whether you use Arimidex , Nolvadex , HCG , Proviron or a combination... always use Clomid for 4-6 weeks after the last steroid 's active life.

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    Only thing I notice is that I cry sympathetically much more often . . . have to avoid movies like "It's A Wonderful Life" (that Xmas flick they broadcast too often) or I'll spend half a day blubbering like an unwed mother . . .

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