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    steroid alternative Q's???


    been a while since I've been around, just wondering if anyone has any experience with the new Methyl products (particularly methyl-D). i know the basics. 1-3mg a day. 2 weeks on 2 weeks off (or if you really want to stratch it 4 on 2 off) milk thistle to help keep your system clean.. etc etc.

    my question comes in the way of those 2 weeks off. I was considering 6oxo. Had a good run with this product but I was wondering if it's the right product for such a short (2 week) period and will it act fast/effectively enough to minimize the "spike" I'll have when I'm not taking the Mythel-D???? that and how long is the half life?? (in other worrds how long before I should start taking the 6oxo after taking a 2 or 4 week cycle of methyl-D??)

    any other advice is welcomed regarding anything to do with the Methyl-D the cycling on and off, other ph to take with or to avoid (i know not to add any more methylated products) and anything to do with the 6oxo as well.

    Thanks guys,

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    that stuffs a waste of money, and I know! cause i wasted it

    i've done different methyl combinations for 30 days straight, its junk. Gives you the same boost as eating a proper breakfast and lunch.

    the truth is, there is no such thing as a "steroid alternative"

    also, your worried about this stuff like its some steroid. its candy!

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    In my opinion, the only alternative to using not using AAS.

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