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Thread: Clen, T3, ECA

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    Clen, T3, ECA

    O.K. Guys... I have read many many posts on T3, Clen , and ECA stacks...
    here is my background, followed by question...

    Ok IM 21, 5'10'' 230 lbs... I guess my bodyfat is at like 20%
    I have just lost about 25lbs but I still have a significant amount of fat to lose.

    I still want to lose another 15-20 before I do what im asking...

    Here is the question......

    After I lose about 15 more...

    If i took a cycle of Test E alone (my first cycle), cycling T3, Clen, and ECA
    and with a good cutting diet, low calories like 2500... what do you think???

    Do you think I would put on weight or lose weight???
    What kind of results could I expect???

    I dont want to be HUGE, I want to stablize my weight at around 215 with BF% around 15%.

    If anyone has the time and energy to refer me to a proposed cycle to suit what i want...

    I have put alot of work into losing the weight i have and I am still going to lose more before I start this.

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    Well how many years have you been training? IMO I would lose the fat you need to, get your bf to at least 14-15% before cycling. It is already a stress on the cardiovascular system as it is. No need to stress it out any more. Good luck

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    Nice post, well laid out for us to answer.

    I would get down to 200lbs even first. Keep your workouts intense with little rest, this will help you cut down and keep your tendons strong and prepare you for a cycle when you reach 200lbs.

    When you reach that weight, I would run the enanthate like you said, but I would keep calories at a minimum of 3,000. Keep the diet clean, very low fats, carbs only early in the day and at a low ratio to your protein intake. This way, you'll cut down your fat while on cycle, but you'll reap the benefits of being on cycle and gaining muscle.


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    Thanx alot Doc.

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