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    Flu after Clomid, will cold medicine knock my test down?

    Well here's my question.

    I just finished my clomid PCT after a short cycle of Sust and Winny, I took Clomid for one week with the hard dosis 300,200,100 and stopped b/c I had a stomach pain, then I started it again after 4 days for 50mgs daily for 10 more days. The day after I took my last dosis of clomid i got a terrible flu and I started taking medicine Robittusin and Aleve. My question is will these medicines knock down my natural test levels recovered with the clomid?

    Should I take clomid for a couple of days more after the flu to recover 100%?

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance!

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    i dont see why they would knock down your natty levels... they shouldn;t surpress anything since they are acting on the cold and hopefully nothing else.

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    any other comments?????

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