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    Question What about stacking Winny tabs with Testosterona 200?

    since a few of you replied earlier about the 50mg blue winny tabs being real now i need to now how would they stack with the Testosterona 200 injection? And if it would work good can i get some suggestions for a good cycle with the two? nothing over the top or too much, im just looking to gain about 20 lbs of solid muscle.

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    i think you need to research more. you need to lists your stats and experience and goals. make and propose a cycle for us to crituque, where not here to do your homework for you, were are hear to check it over.

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    My idea of a cycle with Test200 and winny tabs.

    well my first cycle i used the test 200 enanthate alone for 7 weeks. I had 10cc's and i started out only taking 1cc a week and then i kicked it up to 1.5cc's and even topped out w 2cc's my last two weeks. I liked the results as far as strength and size, it just didnt put that much weight on me. See the catch is i play college ball and i dont want to ruin my flexibility so my idea of the cycle would be

    1week: 1cc: Test 200 & 1 50mg winny tab a day
    2week: " " " " "
    3week: " " " " "
    4week:1.5cc: Test 200 " " "
    5week: " " " " "
    6week:2cc: Test 200 & 1.5 50mg winny tabs a day
    7week: " " " " "
    8week: Discontinue usage of Testosterona 200 but keep taking 1 50mg winny Tab a day

    So how does this sound, too over the top? Not enough, or is it just right?
    Remember I want to gain a good 20lbs of solid muscle but at the same time keep my waste size fairly the same.

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    get another bottle of test and run it at 400mg for 10 weeks.

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