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Thread: Dianabol only

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    Question Dianabol only

    Im 6 ft 3 and 206lbs. I have been training naturally for 1 year. I have made reasonable gains as i was 190lbs.I am a AS novice. I want to try Naposim/Dianabol for a 5-6 week cycle. What can i expect to happen by taking Dianabol only. I know everyone will have a list of other things i should stack with it but i want to know what the effects of Dianabol alone will be. I am considering a dose of 5-10mg a day. Is this dose too low? Should i expect gyno? Should i expect to lose all my gains? etc.. thanks for your help.

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    Dianabol only you can expect to gain alot of water weight and strength and then lose it all just as fast when the drug is dicontinued. Not to mention the drug is basically ineffective after 4 weeks, and 5-10 mg's a day is nothing.

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    DBOL "only" cycles are a waste of $$, Time, and gains. Get some TEST son.

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    test only.... 400-500 mgs EW for 10 weeks... try that out or stay natural...


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    yeah i agree with the bros your going to lose the gains fast and you need a higher dose especially if you don't intend to stack it with something else( which you really probably should do, in my honest oppinion) . try doing some more research about AS then rethink you cycle( if you know them well enough talk to the "SUPERFREAKS" at your gym and see what they tell you they know whats up and can steer you in the right direction) and let use know what you're your trying to accomplish with it.
    oh yeah p.s. if you don't know the local monsters and gear feinds don't just start asking questions thats just a bad idea use the web if you have to it works well for gathering info google up some kniowledge. also knowing how old you are could help use help you.

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    DBol is only used to bridge the long acting test esters like Cyp and Enth. Taking it by itself is pointless, you might as well just send me the money and let me spend it.

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    You are wasting your time with dbol only(quick fix), especially at a rediculously low dose.Naposims are good at about 25 to 40mg a day for no longer than 6 weeks.

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