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Thread: Pct Question

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    Pct Question

    I am ashamed to say that I started my first cycle without doing much of any research back in Nov. Pretty much everyone I knew was juicing at the time, and I was talked into goin for it. However I ended up quitting after 4 weeks b/c pretty much had no clue what I was doing, I wanted to learn what I was putting in my body. I thought I knew everything I needed b/c my peers were helping me out. But I was wrong. After quitting, I was not told to take any kind of nolva, clomid PCT whatsoever, so I did nothing.

    My cycle was as follows...

    -Deca -planned on 10 weeks-quit after 4 weeks, 300mg/week, I think that sounds right?
    -Dianabol -took for first 3 weeks, I believe 20 mg a day.

    My basic question is, Do I need to take anything now? Or should I be fine? I really never noticed many side effects looking back. I did have some fat gains that were a pain in the ass to get rid of. My sex drive was horrible duin the part cycle i had and after, but now it is just fine, but currently I am having trouble gaining any weight. I dont know if these are related at all.

    Also, someday I would like to start a cycle, but that is very far away. Want to learn a lot more before I began anything. Would having no PCT before affect a new cycle ?

    My stats are as follows if this matters..
    Height- 5 10"

    Work out M/T/TR/F
    Protein 300+....

    Any help and advice is greatly appreciated.

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    Bro test is the perfect 1st cycle - save the Deca till later and read up some more before going on - what are your stats? Age ? - Test E @ 400mg / week for 12 weeks Nolva 10 mg ED during cycle - 20mg ED during PCT Plus Clomid

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    400+carbs on workout days
    4000 kcals

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    if you started in Nov. and it is now 4-5 months later your test levels should be stable enough to start a cycle. You were not on that strong of a dose of Deca to effect much, and were definetly not on long enough. I would start with just a cycle of test E or Cyp and run it for 10-12 weeks at around 400mgs. It will give solid gains with little to no side effects.

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    And yes you do need PCT (Nolvadex , Clomid) and Arimidex and L-dex if you are worried about water retention.

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