Sorry guys....there really wasn't a good answer coming up in the searches so.

I've recently been out of commision for about 2 weeks after a nasty bout with either food poisoning of the flu, either way I've managed to lose a good 10lbs of mass, this annoys me....ALOT. Anyways, I've got a cycle lined up but I wanna try adding something to it.

I'll be using some t-400, deca and winny but I thought hey I have some sust here too! So why not throw that in too. The cylce would wind up looking like this:

1-10 T-400 400/wk
4-10 Sust 250/wk
5-11 Deca 200/wk
9-12 Winny 50mg EOD
Then PCT

I've never been known for my patience or self control, so someone is going to have to let me know if this is stupid.