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    What is DHT for?

    I'm going to start a Test/EQ cycle on April 25th so I was thinking of starting finasteride soon since many say it takes some time for it to take effect.

    My question is, I understand finasteride prevents/lowers the conversion of test to DHT - But does DHT serve a beneficial purpose at all? (I doubt our bodies only convert it to lose hair!!)

    So what's the downside on having less DHT?

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    Muscle hardness is one benefit. Secondary sex characteristics like body hair, deepening of the voice among others. Also, it's possible that "aggression" is mediated through DHT and not directly by testosterone . I use the term "aggression" loosely though. You know what I mean though. Aggression is the word the anti-AAS people use as a propaganda tool to further misinform the general population. Sorry about the tangent.

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