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    Starting 1st cycle this month Need Help......

    I am almost 20yrs old. I am 230 i bench 330 right now i am pretty built but i wanna cut my fat and get bigger. i am thinking for taking Deca and whinny for my 1st cycle can you tell me somthings i should do like diet workouts, and wat i should take.

    and should i workout as much as i can a week while on it like 5-6 days

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    This board is full of info. I would suggest doing a search to help you at first.

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    i guess you want a limp dick and joints so sore you cant walk then..huh.. Not flamming bro ..but do some research... YOU ALWAYS RUN TEST AS A BASE.

    research under "test only cycle",or "First cycle"

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    Do a search bro you will find out lots of info on workouts and diet. As far as your cycle goes. You need to learn these small words.... NO TEST NO CYCLE!!! I know some people say its ok and some do it and are fine, but you want test as a base. A common response is, " Whenever i do test i blow up, and thats not what i want to do " or " I don't like the sides of test " All that is ok and can be combated. What cannot be combated is no test levels because your body is shut down. You will become very sick , your immune system will crash preventing you from the gym and any type of excersice. No motivaton and not to mention no sex!
    My suggestions....

    1-12 Test E 400mg/wk
    1-12 EQ 500mg/wk
    1-12 Winstrol 100mg EOD
    1-14 Nolva - I dex
    PCT-Clomid- ( 300 100 50 50 )
    HCG 6th week

    Through some clen in there with and ECA stack if you have to $$ ( 2 on 2 off )

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