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    anyone use underground labs m1t?

    anyone use m1t by underground labs i dunno everyone is hypin LG m1t cause of nac and whatnot, but will m1t still give the results with the proper diet routine and training routine , also will i notice the gains physically i really want my F**$%$%$%King trapz to get BIGGERRRRRRRRRR

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    Good stuff! I'm finsing up my third week @15mg ed, The first thing I noticed was the swelling in my traps and delts, a loss in BF. And Killer lower back pumps kind of like dbol

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    Never tried underground labs M1T, but I have tried some Methyl 5 from . How much weight have you gained on your M1T so far?

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    i have no used it before... just curious though... how long are you running it for and at what dose?

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    M1T worked real well for me also. I put on about 20lbs when I stacked it with 4AD. I started at 5mg and worked up to 15mg in the fourth week. The one thing to pay serious attention to is the blood pressure increase. There were times in the last week I was on my body would literally bounce with each heart beat while I was in bed. Not good. I stopped right away and went into PCT. I also crashed quite hard. I did the Clomid/Nolva treatment and was just worthless the first week. I did manage to keep about 12lbs though which was nice. I honestly don't know if I'll do it again considering the other choices out there that work just as well, but offer far fewer side effects.

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