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    Question my gear - what's best for me?

    i am 6'5, 195, did one cycle a year ago and it was a test only cycle - test enanthate 500mg each week for twelve weeks. at the end i was up to 225 and was feeling/looking good. (only sides were a little acne on shoulders and possibly very little hair loss) Unfortunately i haven't been able to make it back to the gym (haven't been for about 6 months) to maintain it, so therefore back to 195. Unfortunate and a waste, but good knowledge and saw the beginnings of what was possible, so not a total waste.

    New gear and will be able to maintain my gym schedule at the end of the cycle. Here is my gear:

    Deca QV 300 - 20 ml (2 10ml bottles)
    sust 250 (karachi) - 32ml (1ml amps)
    dbol - 500mg (100 5mg tabs)
    proviron 25mg - 4000mg (80 tabs)
    have clomid for post cycle recovery

    i'm looking for some advice on how to stack this gear and frequency/location of injections, etc. (only place i injected previously is my ass)

    thanks ahead of time! i look forward to hearing some good advice. all gear is legitimate, great source, so that is no concern. And I know side effects vary person to person, but any advice on how to keep them at bay would be great. Had very few sides last time, but different gear here, so any quick advice that has worked for you individually would be great. I've read and searched here so am familiar with those ways to limit sides, but appreciate quick ideas here, especially if you have had success battling sides with these specific cycle components

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    hey bro for injections take a look at this site it may help you


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    id say you should get your training back in check for a good while before you even attempt to take gear a second time around. Make some natural gains and try to step back up to the plate. After you get close to what you were, then come back and ask for a critique for a cycle. Until then, train hard, eat well, and get plenty of rest.

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    I would stay away from the multi ester test like sustanon and stick with a single ester that is easier to handle like Test Enanthate , Test Cyp, or Test Prop.

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