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    10 or 20 mg a nolva ED??

    i was wondering how much nolva i should run a day during my cycle i was think 20 mgs but i might be wrong plz help?

    Wk 1-12 test 600 mg shots mon/thurs
    wk 1-10 deca 400 mg shots mon/thurs
    wk 1-3 d bol 25 mg ed
    wk 10-12 stenox 20 mg ed
    nolva 20 mg ed
    start 2 weeks after last test shot
    clomid 300,100,50 21 days
    proviron 50 mg ed 21 days
    nolva 20 mg ed 21 days

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    I'm going to be taking DBol /Eq/Test E/Fina and I will taking 20 mg ed. You can never be too safe. Especially if you are prone to gyno (which im not) you should definitely take 20 mg ed through cycle and PCT.

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    Totally depends on you (What sides you're prone to) and the Type/Amount of Gear you're taking.
    10mg ED w/.5 L-Dex is the average/norm.
    Right now I'm running 30mg ED with .5 L-Dex and 800mg B-6.
    You morre than likely won't need to run that much unless you see signs.

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    Yea bro thats what Im taking, 20mg ed. Well gl off to the gym..


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