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    Anadrol/Test Enth Cycle

    I have a 10ml bottle of test 250 and also 50 anadrol i was just going to run the test for 10 weeks 250 each week how should i run the anadrol? 1 a day in the morning or 2 a day 1 in the morning and 1 at night? I have taken 5 shots of deca 200 5 shots of test 400 ( i know stupid cycles i ran into complications with being sick) and my last cycle taken was sus/dbol 500mg sus a week for 8 weeks and 25mg dbol a day for the first 5 weeks im 6'2 175lbs 20 years old ( and i know most of you say im to young but i already have taken stuff so so much for that) so i was just wondering the best way to take that anadrol would be? let me know im looking for mass and strength. thanks

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    You need 10 more shots of test run 500 mgs of tes a week....Being your a newbie this is your first drol cycle so keep it at 50 mgs a day.....happy growing

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