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    Question Plz help with my workout

    Hi guys,

    My name is paul and I got some very good tips from all of you last time I asked you about a possible cycle that I was going to start on. I must tell you that I did my reaserch and came up with what I concider was best for me. Now I have a different problem. You see when I was in atlanta ga I was told to work out as heavy as possible. I will gain big muscle and if I do the correct amount of cardio I should be able to get the look I am looking for. I am not different than everyone. I am just tryiing to get what must of us look for lean, tone, hard muscles.

    I just meassure my Body fat and I am at 14 to 15 % body fat. Not exactly where I want to be at but I am on my way.

    I am 5'10" 218LB
    I am trying to get down to 195-205 LB with no more than 10% body fat.

    Guys what sugestions do you have for my workout?
    Not Heavy?
    Lots of reps?

    I am doing my cardio 3 to 4 times per weeks during the morning hours with empty stomach.

    I do not eat {sweets, sugar, flowar, sodas, diet soda, bread} I guess we can say that I follow atkins.

    Please I can use your best sugestion with my diet and with my workout. Thank you.

    I am doint a Test Prop Cycle 2ml per week. and 1 mil Deca per week
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    so do you want to get big or do you want to cut up? Most will say you need to do one then the other. It sounds like your a pretty big guy already??

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    lol, You got it I am not too big but yes I am a little in the big size.
    I am trying to get a leaner.

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