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Thread: Winny and Tren

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    Winny and Tren

    thinking about running my next cycle...I'm 6 feet now 185 pounds and thick..i want to gain about 10 pounds of lean muscle mass and cut some do u think i should run this cycle of tren and winny?

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    I ran them together in my last cycle. Worked well together, real well. Actually started the winny in my 6th week with 50 mg ed. Tren was started in week 7 with one shot a day (homebrew). The only thing that sucked was some days I had to do two shots per day and three shots in one day twice a week(test ent,winny, tren).

    I cut a lot of fat, muscle hardness was incredible, and strength was through the roof

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    Rhelm of Disarray
    I can't see any real reason to run those two together, Tren has what Winny has, but Winny doesn't have everything Tren has, so why mess with Winny and it's sides, just get Prop, you know, "test?" and run it with the Tren.
    Prop/Tren=Peanut Butter & Jelly.....Made for each other.

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    you need some test with the tren ,,,, youve heard of deca d#$%
    well its the same thing with fina D#$$.....
    your better offf and the cheapest is prop.... its about 15 buckaroooos in mex

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