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Thread: finaplix

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    cycle history.. susta, dbol , winny, primotest, deca ... (3cycles)

    ill would like to do an test prop/fina cycle in the middle of the summer.. but 76mg ED will be 6 weeks and eod will be 12 weeks.. is it possible to run it every 36 hours to stretch it out to somewhere in 8-9 weeks? example.
    mon morning
    tues evening
    wed nothing

    no flame, i would like to try fina, but a bottle of it is hard to get here. even hard to get stuff to make it yourself.

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    if it's your first time using fina, go with 75mg ED for six weeks, EOD is a waste imo, and every 36 hours is a pain to control, you'll get the best results with ED injects reguardless

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