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Thread: year round test

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    year round test

    hey brothers first timer on this forum great reading here been on pay site (sw) clicked on this site there it some great advice on this board but here is a question for the experts i have read that hiv paients get year round test injections at 300 to 400mg a week is this possible and what are their long term affects on balls i also have a couple of big boys at gym that say they run test year round what is up with that is this possible and what could be affects and if this is possible then why do we follow time on = time off like to see what other people think

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    test all year? i dont know about a healthy person doing that. odds r when u finally decided to come off, ur body wouldnt be able to generate its own natural test production. its different for someone with hiv because they lose so much muscle mass and energy from the disease that they need test injections so they can be active.

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    running long cycles i would run hcg all the way through 500iu's every 4-5 days.i personally think bridging cycles r better than year round cycle,just my opinion though.

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    A lot of BB's stay on year round and there have been no long term studies that show a person will be shut down permanantly after running AS for long periods without a break. I personally have been on just over a year now, but having 4 kids i could care less if my balls ever work again!

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    I have been thinking about 6on 6off, last 2months putting hcg in the mix. I think as long as you take care of your hpta with hcg and follow a good pct protocol things would be fine but thats jmo

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    Yeah, I wonder too about long term effects. Women stay on the pill for years and years on end. Some eventually get off and get pregnant.

    It's not exactly the same thing, but not entirelly different neither.

    they have done test on men in Japan or China using test as a form of birth control. I'm wondering if it's still going on or how long they tested it for.

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