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    Test E injections - is this too much???

    I have read that test E should be shot every 3 or four days such as Mon/Thurs. My question is if you want to use large amounts of test such as a gram a week, would it make any difference if you shot Mon/Wed/Fri. Does this effect your blood concentration levels?

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    not really since Testosterone Enenthates Active Life is 15 or 16 days, making it's half life 7 days. This means TE can be injected every seven days without effecting blood concentration levels. The only downfall you will have is volumous injections. one gram per week mean you will have to shoot 5ml once per week if you wanted to have weekly injections. This may be too volumous for some ppl (including me, for one spot) so you might want to hit both glutes, 2.5cc each, every week.

    Or you might want to hit 2.5cc on Monday, and 2.5cc on Thursday ect.

    Does this answer your question ?

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    I'd split it up into 2 500mg injections per week.

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