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Thread: My Cycle

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    My Cycle

    Ok here it is,

    I just started Test Enanthate 500mg/week. I have on hand 15x Primabolan Depot 100mg/each,1x bottle Winstrol V (30ml) and 1xbottle Trenbolone ! Of course I have also HCG , Clomid and Nolvadex on Hand!

    My goal is to look lean and hard after my cycle, so my question is which of those AS should I add to the Test that I already have started?

    This is my 3rd cycle!
    My first cycle I was on Winstrol V, really good results. My 2nd cylce I went on Winstrol V and Deca , which I realize now was a big mistake.

    Well any help is appreciated!

    Thanks guys

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    bro, don't have enough of anything else.....

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    anyone guys please!

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