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Thread: One Week Away

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    One Week Away

    This is my last solid week of training...Most of you know I've been working out for 3 1/2 solid years...I`m 20yrs old 5'7 135, BF-8 mostly all cut up and ripped looking to put on mass while still keeping what I have. before starting my Tes400 and Deca Cycle, Is it cool to run the deca for 1-10 weeks at 400ml and the Tes400 @250ml a week..for the first 1-8 weeks.....Or should i take more.....and should I run the tes longer...I`ll be taking clymoid after last injection....Also which will give me better gains by inj before I work out or any time in the day does it really matter. Some last minute insight would be awesome...You guys have been a huge help through the last couple of months w/ all the advice and research tips.

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    How the hell are you going to dose out 250mg out of 400?

    400mg of test is NOT too much for a first timer, and it is reccomended that test dose is at least equivelant to your deca , if you're taking deca. . .because Deca has been known to give you a wet noodle. AKA. Limp unfunctional penis, Impotent, No Sex For you, the list goes on and on.

    Very solid cycle though, make sure diet is in check. . .and that you train hard, and rest well. You should gain well off this.

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    Yep! like Papa said.

    Week 1-10 test 400mgs/week
    week 1-10 deca 400mgs/week
    start clomid 3 weeks after last shot.300mgs 1st day,then 100mgs for 10 days,then 50 mgs for 10 days.

    It won't matter at what time of day you inject the long acting AS,but splitting them up twice a week would be beneficial.

    1cc test 200mgs and 2cc's of deca 200mgs in one shot twice a week,like sun and wed or mon thur etc...

    That's assuming you have the 100mg/ml deca?

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