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    Cro Cop vs. Tank

    I read in a MMA forum on the net that it is rumored that Mikro Cro Cop will take on a UFC legend very soon. Rumor has it that it is Tank Abbott. I have othing against seeing this fight at all. Don't get me wrong, I know Tank will probaly go down in about 1 minute, if he is lucky. But, I don't understand why Pride with such a good array of fighters would want to bring in Tank a man in my opinion which (no longer) is not a good fighter at all. Everyone in pride could whip his ass. Hell everyone in UFC could kick his ass.

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    Even the guy that mops the octagon kicked tank's ass one time! I dont think the information about cro-cop and UFC is true, there have been many rumors and ideas on the forums and websites wich basically create 'fantasy matchups' but logically they are not possible.
    -UFC is very proud of its fighters, and stands chin up next to pride eventhough they know they have much less money and opporunity for fighters compared to pride, there is no way UFC will give away such an easy matchup and embarass themselves infront of pride.

    -Mirko Cro Cop has no interest or benefit in fighting for the UFC, they can never ever match his pride paycheck, and he is now on an aggressive climb back to compete for the Pride heavy weight title. Pride really favours him and have worked greatly to make the road easier for him, so he will pursue his way to becoming the pride HW champ.

    -If Mirko fails in getting the Pride HW title then he is still a celebrity status in Japan because of K-1 only and he can fight in that only if he wants.

    Believe me he has no interest in competing in UFC and the UFC will in no way give him such an easy tomato can to destroy.

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    Tank in Japan spells money nothing else..... Japanese love guys like Tank!
    CroCop will take his head off! lol Its likly not true!

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    186 I love Tank...but that sheet would be ugly...they have a similar intensity though..but itd be all Cro Cop...How bout Cro Cop vs. Couture?...

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    i think they might bring in tank because they saw what happened with crocop and randleman and they are thinking to themselves that tank would throw bombs and get a knockout. but then again, i haven't heard anything about this and i doubt it will happen.

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    They both are great strikers but Cro Cop has his legs and is decent on the ground.

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