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    BTT and all the complaining

    After reading in old article after Bustamante's loss to Hendo I have to say I am so sick of BTT always having excuses for their losses. Big Nog I like the guy but unless he gets a hell of alot stronger and improves his wrestling, he is going to lose to Fedor again. Bustamante complains about the supposed headbutt 24/7. Arona complains about any loss ever and show no respect to his oppenents. I am just sick of hearing every reason why their fighter loss besides the fact that night they weren't the better fighter.

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    Yeah they certainly bitch a lot. Big Nog never showed respect to both losses to Fedor. In fact in the second fight he tried to be the biggest scumbag saying fedor intentionally headbutted him and that he should become the champion. Then when he loses the 3rd fight he swears revenge at fedor saying he will be back to take the belt away. Arona bitched about all his losses saying he beat fedor, Rampage's headbutt knocked him out, he hit his head on the mat when he fought shogun. There's all 3 of his losses and 3 excuses. The only one I dont see bitch is lil Nog, he said he thought he won the shogun fight but it was a close fight where you can see yourself winning it. Bitching Top Team

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