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Thread: Catheterization

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    Ok, i am about to buy a cath just in case the NCAA comes into test. Does anyone know what type and size of a cath to get and any instructs on how to inject urine into your bladder?

    All the websites i've seen only have instructions on it's conventional useage.

    I was thinking about getting the FOLEY cath, as it looks the one used on "The Program" and play makers.. LOL

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    **** man i dont know but i like the sounds of beating a drug test. ill do that ****. i dont want to fail a drug test but i want to do decca. hey let me know what you find out i have a girlfriend in med. school and her dad is a doctor. i can ask if you want. my Intant massege for aol is on my profile get it and i m me and ill let you know

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    bump for anyone who can answer this

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