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    ever hear of this?

    whats up guys, this is my first college season coming up so i dont know if this is common place.
    spring practice starts on monday for me and he is making us practice in full pads. i dont really care but it was not what i was expecting. to me it just means that im gonna get my ass kicked starting now instead of in august haha. is this how it is in all schools?
    i have a problem with losing a lot of weight during the season. if there any supp. that i can take that will help prevent me from doing so? im talkin about dropping like 25 lbs over the season. it sucks. thanks for all help.

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    um eat smart? drink water? Ive never lost weight during season and that includes double sessions of 100 + degree weather. 6 meals a day 1 gallon at least a day of water.

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