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    Ideal Rugby Cycle

    Big Fat Irish Rugby Prop here. I've posted before, but now need some pointers in a completely different direction.

    Went from being a skinny 150lb kid in highschool to a 275lb tight-head Prop today. I've always cycled, eaten, and lifted to get a) bigger, and b) bigger.

    New idea: I'm now almost the biggest I've ever been, squatting and benching at all time high, and...well... I can't breathe, or nothin' .

    This is going to be a problem when practice starts up again next month. (ya think?!) So, now that I'm finishing up what may be my last mega bulking cycle, I have no idea with what to replace it. Hooker (who's a hooker) has famously said that the days of the Prop who can't break out and score are over (my ultimate dream is to go and play Rugby in 1972!) Think it's time to take that advice, as I'm not as young as I was, and should probably start thinking about bloodpressure and heart failure as well as bulldozing the opposing pack in the scrum.

    What would a good, solid cycle look like for this new, improved Prop of today? I'm sort of a big Anadrol , Sustenon, Test. kind'a guy. This is gonna be worse than giving up meat or beer.

    Any ideas from Ruggers with both size and speed? How's it done?

    With you,


    currently 275lbs. body weight.
    no idea of how much body fat (Lots, probably. I'm an old-school prop)
    squatting 635 pretty O.K. for 5 reps.

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    Have a look at the other rugby thread near the top

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