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    Pre-Meet Rituals

    Just wondering what you guys during the few days before and the day of a meet. Like what foods you eat and when , what supliments you take and how much and when. Maybe we can get an all round "ideal" premeet routine.

    I was thinking about trying Citrulline Malate starting 3 days before a meet up untill the day of a meet for the 100/200 and long jump. Maybe even a b12 injectable for some energy. Every day i take a multivitamin. I usually have a protein shake right before i leave for the track meet. Usually eat light, such as a banana and an apple at the meet itself before my races.

    I just want to hear from you guys what you do to get ready to run the best race of your life.

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    When I competed I would for 3days before a meet would take 2 50mg shots of test suspension each day.

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