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    New Steroid Policy

    Hey guys what do you think about the new policy?
    "It took six months of negotiating for baseball commissioner Bud Selig to get the tough steroid policy he wanted, mere minutes for baseball owners to approve it.
    Owners voted unanimously Thursday to ratify the new drug deal, which includes a 50-game suspension for a first positive test."
    See article

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    harsh.. but will be effective.

    That is of course until another drug is developed that will fly under the radar...


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    its interesting...and necessary

    if i was still playing baseball - and i was a bordeline major leaguer - the answer is easy if i would do juice to give me that added edge. i say borderline player as i dont care what the stuff u take is - nothing can help you HIT a baseball. what it can do is help you hit if farther, make your bat a little quicker, fight off some inside pitches better and put some more umph on those low and outside pitches to get them into the outfield. from a pitchers stand point - would help to build up the legs for drive off the mound. i mean - your talking about sick money to play baseball in the majors. a high percentage of the guys who got busted last year from of latino decent. most of them look at the playing baseball as the best way to make it big and i guess that some of them are willing to take the risk. this isnt a knock on them by all means as ive always said give me 25 latin players and ill give u a winning team as no one enjoys playing the game better and harder. i just wish that baseball could go back - release some previous tests as id love for it to come out about sosa, mcgwire, bonds...and even as far back as when dykstra did it in the offseason before the 93 season.....ditto brady anderson before the 96 season. it was good to see a big name like raffy palmiero getting busted last year. i love hearing their bs coverups and how they are so quick to throw others under the bus.

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    Honestly the only time I've ever had a remote interest in baseball was when mcgwire and sosa were fighting for the homerun record.....

    was tempted to buy a few bottles of andro

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