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Thread: Tightening Up

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    Tightening Up

    Hey All,

    1) I'm just getting back into my routine after a bad motorcycle accident, during my recovery i was pretty much lathargic. I Gained a few lbs of fat unfortunately but my biggest concern was my skins elasticity. What do you all use to help tighten up your skin long term (not like preperation h) besides a good lotion.

    Don't laugh at this one i'm serious

    2) Most of the weight came in on me chest (of all places) the Aeriola around my nipple became substantially larger do any of you know if they will go back to there old size after i lean out or am i just screwed. or is there anything i might be able to use to help make them smaller thanks.

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    your long-term options are:

    1.) Muscle-gain
    2.) Surgery
    3.) HGH

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