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    Question i have 20 weeks left & nervous!!

    i have 20 weeeks left until my 1st competition really nervous.. i'm 18 years old competing in the mr. buffalo teens divison i'm bout 188lbs 13% b/f & i'm wondering if i should do some hardcore bulking for the next 10wks then cut for 10wks?? i wanna b as big as possilbe for this competition but not screw up my cutting phase.. i was thinkin bout doin the mass stack by bsn for the next 10wks then start cutting do u guys think this is a good idea? any advice would help me!!!

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    i would bulk til your BF gets to 15% then start cutting down...figure you should lose a % per week and then your last week is for recovery/carb loading.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigsd67
    i would bulk til your BF gets to 15% then start cutting down...figure you should lose a % per week and then your last week is for recovery/carb loading.
    Drop 1% of body fat per week? That seems like a lot. I was thinking 1-2 pounds per week starting at 12 weeks out. Does this make sence?

    So that should put bigstiffler at about 162-170 ....light middle weights.

    There probably is not much difference between 13 & 15 % bf. as long as you give yourself time to drop bf slowly. So bulking foe another few week would probably be beificial - keeping bf under you don't have to cut too much fat. Good Luck in your Comp!

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    Take my advice dude, make sure your ready at about 2-3 weeks out.
    BF needs to be around 3-4 percent. The most important thing you can do
    going into your first show is.....HAVE FUN MAN!!

    Use your first show as a bench mark as to what you need to imporve on.
    Don't take it to heart if you don't place, learn from what you did worng.


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    First off, relax! You have loads of time...but honestly I dont think losing a 1% bodfat in a week is very probable especially if it is your first time cutting down for a competition. You will undoubtedly lose more weight then you think you have make this really clear I can tell you that about 12-14 weeks out I was sitting at about 190lbs and lets say 12% body fat...4 days ago when I competed I stepped on the scale and was shocked...155lbs...also Im not 100% sure about in the U.S but for juniors I think they look more at definition rather than size. The exact time needed to cut down is really dependent on diet, cardio, what your taking etc...there are a ton of factors involved but the most important thing is to learn from everything and to have of luck!

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    My first thought in reading this thread is "why put on more body fat"? Makes no since to me what so ever. Now I would understand eating clean with a bit more calories for a few more weeks. Then start that diet 16 plus weeks out. You must be ripped and hard. Both will take time. If you are lucky enough to be down 2 or 3 weeks out then great. It is never a problem to be ready early.
    However it is a BIG problem holding too much body fat when you are 2 weeks out. Please look at this show to come in as ripped as possible. Set a weight loss schedule once the diet starts. Make your ready date two weeks before your show. Divide the number of week by how much you think you have to lose.
    That will give you some Idea as to how much to drop each week. Or even by the month. You want a SLOW drop to hold as much lean mass as possible.
    I know this is the first time dieting down. So, us your head and develope a plan and stay the coarse. Don't start freaking out. Talk to the guys on this board they can help. Remember you must help yourself first. Read up on Mike XXL thread and others. Look at the diet section. I can tell you it is not rocket science.

    Good Luck and enjoy all the knowledge you will soon be gaining.

    I'll check back later to see how you are doing,

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    first show?just get lean bro and learn along the way. Dont freak out when you start to feel skinny because you will.Just get cut and you will do fine and evaluate everything after the show to see where you need to improve next time..Make sure to log everything so next time you will have a referance..

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    dude give us an update you should be about 12 weeks out now.

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