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    Life after bodybuilding

    Hi guys!

    I just had a general question...What happens to these BB's who have done a lot of cycles and gear after they stop competing?

    Now I know pple can give good and bad examples of BB's health after there competing days , but I want to know generally speaking how are most these guys health holding up overall???....

    Ive heard stories of pple having heart problems and media propaganda over how bad juicing is.....But I would like to know from first hand experince from this board what effects have they left on u years later???

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    well, a few that have had health problems are, Tom Prince, & Flex Wheeler kidneys shut down and needed transplants....which is very serious...don youngblood died of a massive heartattack at 51 yrs. old...but, check this out....

    found this on another site:

    FitDV: What happens to bodybuilders after they retire from competition (in terms of drug use)?

    Pro: Believe it or not, there isn't really any proven documentation of any bodybuilder having major health problems or any other long-term negative side effects from the use of steroids . There was an NFL player who said he got a heart transplant because he used steroids while he was active in the NFL. Problem is, two weeks after he said that, it came out on the news that he had a severe cocaine problem for many years. Then you have Lyle Alzado, who passed away, but before doing so went on national television to spread the word that his brain tumor was caused by steroid use . Problem is, his particular tumor was directly correlated with AIDS, HIV. I know of no man who has ever had either of these two problems.

    I can name dozens of men who have used steroids for many, many years and are retired now, living happy, healthy lives. Arnold Schwarzenegger is an extremely successful actor and claims no problems with his health from steroids. I can remember when the media tried to say at one time his heart problem was caused by the use of steroids. Then, a surgeon verified the heart valve condition was a birth defect.

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