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    new to compete..need some tips and overall advice from experienced bb's(please)

    i am planning to compete in my first show in may. i have an overall idea of what i need to do. i am a little confused on the whole tanning aspect(when to start, how to use protan, etc.) i tan 1 time a week now. have a pretty good tan overall. have a pretty good idea about diet as well. i am a very experienced bodybuilder-7 years. i know all about diet and so on. but, this is my first show so i really dont know a lot about what to do close to a show. can someone give me some advice? i'd really appreciate it!

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    You'll find most your questions in this forum already posted, have a read down. But basicly 1st show i would start prep 16 weeks out. tanning simple= get as dark as you can in tanning beds, best for most not to tan last 4-6 days before show. The best color i have seen is usually w/ pro tan, usually 5-6 coats on friday during day then shower. Then Sat. AM one coat of dream tan #2, second coat before pre-judging. Shower after pre-judging then another coat of dream tan before night show.

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