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    anyone else ever felt like this???

    well ive been bulking up for awhile now and got up to around 195-200lbs at 5'8" with not much body fat. probably around 12%. anyways, i have been dieting for a competition at the end of may which i was gonna compete in the the middleweight class. heres where my problem came in. the other day i was doing some posing and looking at what i needed to work on when i realized. i dont want to be a middleweight. i dont even like the sound of the word let alone be in the class. so ive decided to wait till next year to do a show and im gonna continue to bulk untill i can enter the light heavyweight class. anybody ever feel like that or have that happen to them?????

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    Yup, I think its the confusion of "where should I be at right now, and or wanting to be in the spot light NOW deal. I'd say either pose at your weigh in now feeling confident, then next year let everyone see the psycho size you've put on, or just wait till next year, just my .02

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    Yeah, but not where I dropped out of a competition. I will say I never want to be a light weight ever again! I competed at 118.5 lbs. my first show. I was a middle weight my second & third. I was all excited when I hit heavy weight status, then NPC went & changed the grouping on me. If I decide to compete this year (the diet would start Sat.) I will be a middle weight again. I think I'm going to put on some more size & go for the State Championship early next year.

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