hi guys/girls,

i am writing on my boyfriends account hope this isnt a problem, i am writing because i am trying to lose weight, the problem is my boyfriend knows how to diet like a bodybuilder but not like a girl who doesnt bodybuild, i have searched the site but i am as close to computer illiterate as it gets so i cannot find anything on dieting for females so this is the question i have for you, i am 5'8" and weigh 155 i would like to get down to about 140 as thats what i used to weigh when i was playing basketball competitively, so what is the best way i can achieve this, i do 45 minutes cardio a day 5-6 days a week, i try to eat healthy but i want to eat properly to lose the weight properly and lose it so it doesnt come back so if any of you can help me out at all, even giving me a link would be so greatly appreciated, thanks so much for your time and take care.