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    new diet and workout please help

    fisrt of i would like to thank all u guys for the info you have been giving on this site. it really helped me get focused and get me back on track.
    as for the new diet and workout i want to give it a try . i want to loose as much Bf now currently at 17% 200lbs 6' . i would like to go down to 13% bf which i think is a reasonable target for now with out the use of any anabolics maybe just an eca stack the last 4 to 6 weeks.
    my diet will be the same or close to the one in the sticky only good fats high protein and my carbs will mainly come from pwo 80g dex and ppwo 1/2 cup uncooked brown rice which i think has about 40-50 g carbs and thats it. the workout is split this way to make things easier for me interms of dong cardio and lift weights so what i want to try to do is lift one day and the second day only cardio and i wont be eating any carbs that day. it should look somewthing like this:
    sat : back + tri
    sun: 40 min cardio (no carbs that day) but not on empty stomach
    mon: chest + bi's
    tus: 40 min cardio (no carbs that day) but not on empty stomach
    wed: legs + shoulders
    thur: 40 min cardio (no carbs that day) but not on empty stomach
    fri: rest not workout
    this way i wil have 3 days only cardio and 3 days only weights . i am thinking that this might help spare some muscles since im separating the two. also i might do cardio on friday also if i have too.
    so what do u guys think? will i get good results with this? anu suggestions?

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    sounds good IMO. If you are prone to carb sensitivity then you don't have to go through cardio days with no carbs. Depends really on when you are doing the cardio. Why not on an empty stomach? If you do it first thing in the am then your first meal can be a P/C meal. You can try experiment with having it a P/C meal or (as you plan above) a P/F meal with no carbs during the day. Listen to your body though, if you try and after a week or two of no carbs on cardio days and you feel sluggish, tired, overworked etc. try with a P/C meal to see if it helps. Your body's response is one of your most important assets

    To be most effective for your fairly high fat loss goals though I would suggest you make the cardio on an empty stomach. That does NOT mean it HAS to be first thing in the morning. Just make sure wherever in the day it is you do it at least 2-3 hours of the previous meal. In this case (doing it later in the day) I would go for a P/F meal afterwards. However the abovementioned experimentation of P/C vs. P/F for the first meal of the day still applies - try both.

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    1) More cardio (more days)
    2) A.M. on empty
    3) 3 day split would be legs/push/pull all in the p.m. apart from cardio.

    "Seperating" cardio from weights on diff days does not spare muscle, eating correctly for all of your activities does. There is nothing wrong w/cardio and weights on the same day, however they must be at least 3-4 meals apart, and be addressed correctly w/nutritional approaches.

    There is more, but those are very important.


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    thanks for the replies guys i appreciate all you help. as for what sc suggested i cant do any am cardio that why im separating thre cardio days from the lifting days so that i wont have to do cardio after lifting. i could manage to do cardio on my off day making it 4 days of cardio a week and 3 days of lifting together with the diet i listed, do u think that will help with the fat loss? the way i listed things is the most convenient and i will mange to stick to it. so what do u guys think?

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